Night Solar

Power by Day and Night

When the sun goes down, your Solar System temporarily stops producing energy. And therein lies the genius of the Solar Battery Storage System – its battery stores juice for night time use.


Night Solar Battery Storage Systems

Now you have the power to store, monitor and manage your home’s solar energy.

You’ve got options.

You can save your solar energy for your own personal use, or sell back to the grid. Your choice. Either way, you’ll save on your power bills and use more of what you generate.



You’ve Got The Power To Save

Traditional solar inverter systems have zero capacity for storage, so a fair amount of the energy you generated is lost. With none in reserve, you had no choice but to source the rest from the grid.

For your household, a Night Solar Battery Storage System means; freedom from soaring electricity prices and serious savings, an independent energy supply that replenishes itself daily, more transparency and greater control over your energy budget.


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How To Make The Right Choice

The cost of solar battery storage systems has dramatically reduced due to the increased consumer demand and supplier competition.  Value for money and new technology innovations are now available.  Add to that the new Government incentive schemes, and you could be saving like never before!

The number of battery offerings by overnight “experts” has confused the market, however the solution is simple for the consumer who should look for experienced providers like Ekonomix Solar. Whether you’re considering solar, already have a system installed, or would like your home to work more efficiently for you, we specialise in providing the right solution for you.

How It Works

In both graphs, the black line is your home energy use.

Graph 1:  What happens without a battery

  • Yellow is the your solar energy you use

  • Red is your solar energy you produce but never get a chance to use

  • Grey is the electricity you have to buy from the grid to power your home

Graph 2: How you’re looking with a Night Solar Battery System

The colours are as above, except…

  • In Green, the battery is powering your home!

  • Blue is the energy used to charge the battery



Actual results may vary depending on system and battery size.  Graphs for illustration purposes only.

So it’s all yours

Notice how there’s no grey section in Graph 2. That’s right, if you have a large enough battery system, you won’t need to import energy from the grid. No matter what the size is of your battery, you will use significantly more of what you generate.

For more information, click on the links to view brochures Solar Battery Storage Brochure (PDF)Solar Inverter System Brochure (PDF) and Solar Inverter Specification Sheet.

Power Through Storm Season

When lightning strikes and the grid goes down, your place will still be all lit up. Storm season is when the reliable Night Solar Battery System really comes into its own. Energy is stored in a battery so you’re never caught short.